Cars/Drivers Licence

When you move to Switzerland, you should apply for a Swiss driver's licence.  You may so at the "Strassenverkehrsamt "-  the Cantonal Department for Motor Vehicles. You have 12 months from your date of entry to Switzerland to change your licence, but it is recommended that you do it earlier. You need to go to the department personally with a picture, your permit and your current valid driver's licence.

You can also register your car at the Strassenverkehrsamt.    Usually, the garage where you bought your car will deliver this service and take care of it for you. You will need a certificate of proof from your insurance which shows that you have  liability insurance. There are different types of insurance coverage.  Ask your insurance company for a quote.

Your car will need a "Autobahn Vignette" (highway tag which is placed on the window of your car) for unlimited use on the highways.  This is purchased at your local post office or petrol stations and is valid for one year from  January - December 31st for a cost of CHF 40.--.

If you have a bicycle you will also need a "Velo Vignette" which can be purchased at the post office, kiosks and bike shops. This is also the liability insurance for your bicycle.  


Contact for the Cantonal Department for Motor Vehicles

Strassenverkehrsamt des Kantons Luzern
Arsenalstrasse 45
6010 Kriens/LU
Postfach 162
6000 Luzern 4

Tel.: 041 318 11 11 (website only in German)