Getting about Lucerne by public transport is fairly straightforward, although most of the Old Town, where many of the attractions are situated, is pedestrian-only. Lucerne has direct trains to the many of the major towns in Switzerland as well as being a mere 63 minute train ride from Zurich Airport, Lucerne is at the center of a highly efficient transport hub.

Switzerland is renowned for its efficient rail network and Lucerne is no exception with around 62,000 people passing through every day. The SBB with a rail network of more than 5,000 km operates from Lucerne with routes going towards Zurich / Zurich Airport, Basel, Geneva and Lugano. The Lucerne Stadt Bahn is a very efficient method of getting around the Kanton as well as to destinations such as Zug / Baar, Brunnen, Stans, Olten, Lenzburg, Sursee, Lagenthal, Rotkreutz and Aarau.


Lucerne has an extensive bus network for its size, where ticket prices are determined by the distance travelled. Bus tickets are available from automatic vending machines. Visitors can buy a reasonably-priced two-day ticket that allows unlimited travel on all buses.

Pilatus Furniculer
Opened in 1889 and climbing 1635 meters, the Pilatus Furniculer is the steepest Furniculer in the World and offers breath taking views on the 30 minute journey to the top of Pilatus.
Pilatus Gondola
The Pilatus Gondola stretches from Kriens to the Frakmuntegg summit and encompasses astounding views as you travel 5km through the air.
Pilatus Cableway
The Cableway is the final 5 minute journey to get to the very top of Pilatus at 2132 meters above sea level.

The ferries on Lake Lucerne match the beautiful surroundings and are a delightful way to travel. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Panorama Yacht coming in May 2012.


While in Engand commuters are looking at a £10,000 season tickets to London, Switzerland despite what you may have first thought has got several options to heavilly reduce your commuting costs.

Halb tax
The Halb tax is probably the most common card in peoples wallets and understandibly so. For just CHF165 per year you pay half price for any ticket anywhere in Switzerland.

GA Travelcard
The General Abonnement travelcard for a price of CHF3350 per year lets you travel anywhere in Switzerland for free.

Gleis 7
The Gleis 7 is a card that when combined with the Halb Tax card allows the owner free travel anywhere in Switzerland after 7pm.
You can also arrange a variety of point to point or regional travelcards for a specific area or route.

Zurich International Airport
There are 70 daily trains making the direct 63 minute train ride from Lucerne to the ever expanding airport of Zurich. It is possible to fly to much of the United States in under 12 hours and to London in 4, whilst Shanghai and Beijing are around 15 hours away.
One important fact to remember that is fairly unique to Switzerland is that drivers will normally always stop at every Zebra crossing for a pedestrian. It is important to follow suit as many people often walk onto the zebra crossing always expecting cars to stop. So be careful. And also remember to drive on the right.

Mobility, car sharing
Car sharing is the clever way to be mobile. Whenever you want – without the commitments that owning your own car entails. Mobility has 2'600 vehicles waiting for you at 1'300 stations throughout Switzerland. Around the clock and on a self-service basis. For more information visit the Mobility website here